Starting a business

Meeting all steps to open a business or to change it using the manual flow can become complex when there is a volume of demand.


This is a flow that involves several sectors, requires a documentation control that are created at various times during the process.

Automating this flow allows the staff to work synchronously and with greater control and visibility of the progress of all steps in the flow and at the end, all documentation created is already archived and ready to share with the customer and for later use.

Starting and change the business! How to do it?

  • When a request is received, a screening is done to confirm the information, to make sure that the new company data are in compliance with the government or other agencies, if everything is ok, the new company registration starts.
  • In case of change the information is also screened to ensure that the changes are in compliance.
  • The screening also verifies the necessary documentation and financial issues regarding the service that will be provided, for example: how the payment will be done.
  • After the screening stage, the flow goes to the drafting the business contract and customer approval, and in parallel for the financial department to proceed the charge.
  • With the approved contract, the payment forms and fees are issued.
  • It then collects the customer's signature on the physical document.
  • Follow up and verification of compliance with requirements.
  • When the contract is ready and approved, the originals are removed and scanned and they are delivered to the customer.

What benefits automating the process will bring to the accounting office?

  • Centralization and more organization of documentation received and issued;
  • Process standardization;
  • Reduced paper copying and storage costs;
  • Visibility of the process by the departments involved and by the manager;
  • Possibility to control steps deadlines automatically;

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